Author’s feedback


This form is intended to provide past authors with an opportunity to comment and provide feedback on their experience of publishing with entanglements, and to provide the journal editors with opportunities to reflect upon their practice – and eventually improve them.


Thank you very much for choosing to publish your work in entanglements. As you probably know we are a small, new and growing online and open access publication. One of our aims is to foster a community around multimodal research, another to experiment with online publishing forms and media, and yet another is to do academic publishing a bit differently especially where it comes to peer review.

We have set ourselves the task of ‘peer feedback’ instead of peer review. This is new for us and we’ve tried to theorise this practice a bit here (

We’ve made the bold claim that peer feedback aims to be more appreciative. But we realise that while this may be our intention, this does not necessarily mean this is the way that the review process is received.  Either way we are keen to develop this practice and our thinking around peer feedback more broadly and any feedback you have for us on the way you experienced the peer feedback process in the journal would be really helpful.

We’ve devised short questions with open fields for response. Please feel free to write as much or a little as is relevant to you/your experience.

Your responses are anonymous.