[Review] Intermittent

Lucas Sanper

Recommended citation: Sanper, L. (2020). ‘[Review] Intermittent’, entanglements, 3(2):37-38

First, I would like to say that it is an honor to create a dialogue with a film that touched me a lot. 

Being one of the characters in this story created by my dear Mattijs, I am here answering to his beautiful artistic work with another artwork. 

My response to the film sought, in an open way, to speak about the duality I see in the film Knots and Holes: on the one hand we have the filmmaker raising questions, concepts, and theories that are well known from an Afro-Brasilian perspective; on the other hand we have a European narrative about a post-colonial country. 

Possibly the beauty of the film, as well as my own artistic response to it, follows from the racial relations between blacks and whites, the cultural relations between Europe and Brazil, and the social relations between the privileged and the underprivileged. 

The artwork You need to be seeks to raise the kind of questions that come up in such encounters: could the top of the social pyramid (the white man) create narratives about the base of the pyramid (blackness) without reproducing the appropriate relations? Can a white gaze propose dialogues that are socially, culturally and economically beneficial for black people, and avoid turning blackness into a mere object of study? Is a perspective of ‘non-belonging’ possible for those who already occupy the place of speaking? Can this gaze create the possibility for blacks to tell their own histories?

The poetry created by Mattijs makes visible realities that are absent from more conventional communications about the Afro-Brazilian universe. 

The main inspiration I took from the work of this Dutch anthropologist was the way it revealed parts of my world that I knew little about, notwithstanding the fact that I am inserted in that world. To see my world through the eyes of an other was paradoxical, but certainly inspiring. 

These were the feelings I sought to portray in my work você precisa ser, ‘you need to be’.

Lucas Sanper, a Brazilian artist and designer who graduated in the Fine Arts and completed a post-graduate course in the Design of Surface Printing. His professional trajectory is marked by an ongoing creative process. He worked as a set designer in Ibero Star Hotel & Resorts; was creative director in a fashion brand; taught art classes in a public elementary school; and parallel to these activities participated in collective exhibits, showing his artwork in different Brazilian states. Today he continues to work as a free lancer in publicity and design. Restless by nature, his current project is to animate – and give life to — the characters that populate his artworks, and create printed work for his own brand SanPer.

Web: https://cargocollective.com/lucas_sanper